Chlorine Wash

Get Rid of All Unwanted Algae in Your Pool

Chlorine washes are great for swimming pools that have turned green due to layers of algae. With a chlorine wash, we can help you keep your pool clean while also maintaining so it can be safe for swimmers and also maintain its pristine appearance. If you are unsure whether a chlorine wash is right for your pool, you can find out by speaking with us at California Chemical of Bakersfield!

For your chlorine wash, we will:

  • Drain your swimming pool of all of its water
  • Pour the liquid chlorine onto the pool’s surfaces
  • Thoroughly scrub the surfaces for a deep cleaning that will kill all algae spores or other contaminants, including those in any holes or cracks in the pool’s surface
  • Rinse and flush out the chlorine
  • Repeat the chlorine wash process as needed
  • We will also rebalance the pool once it is filled back up

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