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Swimming Pool Service in Bakersfield, CA

At California Chemical of Bakersfield, we can provide you with any swimming pool services you may need. We have certified technicians on staff that can get the job done! We handle pool service jobs of all sizes for residential and commercial customers throughout the Bakersfield area.

We provide the following swimming pool services:

  • Filter cleans – Our full service accounts include up to 4 filter cleans per year, but if you are not a full service customer and would like to schedule a filter clean please call our office to schedule an appointment.
  • Tile cleaning – If your pool tile has the white calcium build up ring a tile clean may be right for you. We clean your pool tile with a glass bead to make the tile look like new.
  • Chlorine wash - Do you have algae growing in your pool? You can kill and remove algae and other pool contaminants with our chlorine wash services.
  • Acid bath - An acid bath removes the first layer of the plaster or cement in your pool and kills harmful microorganism so you can keep your pool clean and beautiful.
  • One-time cleanups - If you want to get your pool cleaned on an as-needed basis only, ask about our one-time pool cleanup services.
  • Rebar repair - We can help you put a stop to your rusting rebar problem. Say goodbye to the rust spots on your pool walls or floor!
  • Pool equipment diagnostic and repair - if your heater, salt generator, or other pool equipment is broken, we can diagnose the issue and handle the necessary repairs. Ask about our energy efficient pumps to help you save money on your energy bills!

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Chemicals Only

Your service technician will be out each week to test your chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and conditioner levels. We will be keeping the pool balanced and monitoring the equipment to make sure everything is functioning correctly for you. Chemical Service is only $65/month!

Full Service

Our skilled professionals can handle every aspect of your pool maintenance, such as balancing your pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels; vacuuming your pool as needed, skimming the top each week, brushing the walls/steps, emptying the pump and skimmer baskets, and also cleaning your pool filter up to four times per year. After you sign a one-year, full-service contract with us, we’ll provide you with a complimentary pool vacuum. Our full-service options start at $95.

Please give us a call at (661) 665-8744 to learn more about our pool services!

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  • Certified Aquatic Equipment Installers (CAEI)
  • Licensed By the Contractors State License Board
  • Staff Certified In Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Technology
  • Authorized Pentair Dealer
  • Over two decades of experience